Spiritual Retreats in the Lakes

Healing Through Connection to Nature. Coming Home to Your Self.

Healing Retreats in the Lakes ~ Spiritual Support & Counselling 

With Gabriella Rosemary

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Gabriella offers a nurturing, contemplative retreat space, surrounded by one of the most beautiful natural settings in the heart of the Lake District national park in England. This includes the areas of Rydal Hall Estate and Ambleside.

A stay with Gabriella offers the flexibility of as much connection, or time alone to simply ‘be’, as you need. You are always free to choose, what feels right for you.

During your stay, the following optional offerings can be included:

Guided Nature Walks

Spiritual Counselling & Expression Sessions

Therapeutic Art Play

EFT Healing Support

Nourishing Vegetarian Cooking Lessons

Peace & Rest

A stay with Gabriella offers an affordable spiritual retreat option, in which you feel supported to nurture, heal and return to the essence of your True Self.

Gabriella also offers spiritual counselling in which she acts as loving guide and witness, to support you in clearing past trauma, patterning and beliefs – or simply as a supportive guide, to assist you to find greater clarity, peace, and direction – during major life transitions. 

In a spirit of compassionate listening and allowance of your unique expression, Gabriella will gently hold safe space for the emotional release, so you can step into the awareness of the deeper wisdom, you always have direct access to, within your own Sacred Heart.

It doesn’t matter how or why you left your Heart. Softly and Warmly you can return.

John de Ruiter | Transformational Teacher

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Quiet days, spiritual hermitage, and longer stays can all be tailored to your unique needs. Use the contact form, to book a stay, send an enquiry or arrange a friendly chat.

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“I teach you the tools to set yourself free.” ~ Gabriella Rosemary | EFT Practitioner

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